Where to Go For Norway’s Best Rafting Experience

Need some adrenaline rush after the cold and dark winters in Norway? Want to experience Norwegian nature more closely?

Geilo is just the right place for you. It is a small town in southern Norway and home to ski resorts, mountain trails, a gateway to two national parks (Hallingskarvet and Hardangervidda), and one of Europe’s best rivers for a fun-filled rafting experience.

Only 4 hours from Oslo, I jumped on an early morning train to Geilo. I love train journeys in Norway. Although there are tunnels along the way, panoramic views of the Norwegian landscapes follow you everywhere.

Beautiful views from the train

You have to get used to seeing fewer people when in Norway. I think it’s amazing how so few people live in such a beautiful place. When we got off in Geilo, the station was almost empty.

Pretty Yellow Geilo Train Station

I still had some time to spare before throwing ourselves into the Numedalslågen River for an adventurous rafting experience. I wanted to make good use of time since I was only there for one day.

I stumbled upon a farmyard, Geilojordet having some old traditional Norwegian houses dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries. Soaked in history and culture, right amidst the stunning nature was a blissful feeling. The various exhibits in the old wooden houses displayed the way of life and made me travel back in time.

The best and the fun part of my trip was yet to come, river rafting. After a quick snack, I headed to the rafting basecamp in Dagali. There were five rafts, thirty-four adventurers, and a lot of fun. Being fed fresh water from the Hardangervida National Park, the river water is so clean and crisp that one can drink from it.

The lush green forests and mountains surrounding the river, the fresh water splashing my face and making me feel rejuvenated, and our team efforts to cross every rapid and then feel a sense of victory were truly rewarding. It was a liberating experience to challenge myself, to feel the adrenaline rush, to be vividly present amid this experience.

With a happy soul, I was ready to enjoy my train journey back home and share my experience with you. :)

Geilo has a lot of other activities to choose from, i.e., zip-lining, horse riding, downhill biking, canyoning, etc.

The train ride from Oslo to Geilo offers beautiful panoramic views

Some Useful Tips:
1. How to get there — Geilo is easily accessible from Oslo or Bergen. Train tickets are available on www.nsb.no.
2. Best time to raft — Ideally, May 20th to September/October. Some parts of the river might not be suitable for rafting during the Spring floods. Always choose an experienced guide, and you will be in safe hands.
3. Rafting bookings — We made a phone booking on http://www.dagaliopplevelser.no/en/. I would happily recommend them as they are a group of experienced, friendly guides catering to our needs.

Have you had a thrilling rafting experience in a different part of the world? Do share below.

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